Create Docker group and allow Non root user access

Earlier we have discussed installation of docker on different version.Here we are going to add non root user to . process use root user pervilage to connect.docker command create a unix group called as docker if it is added in the group otherwise it look sudo previlage.

In my installation post i have run docker and other commands a root user .To avoid this  we are adding normal user to add into the group.

Create the docker group and add user “techtransit” . i had create a user “techtransit” in my machine.

Steps are : 

  1. into your system with sudo or root previlage.
  2. Run below command command to create group and add your user or here i am adding techtransit in the group through below command.
    # usermod -aG docker techtransit
  3. Exit from currently user and log in from techtransit user or your user which is added in docker group.
  4. Check and Verify below command without sudo .
       # docker run hello-world


That’s All!, Thanks ..

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