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Linux “Find” Command And Its Usage

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Search file with command .Below command will search file (named.conf) in current directory and sub directories.

# find . -name "named.conf" -print

Note : -print option wil print out the path of any file that meets the find criteria.

Find with multiple ‘-exec’ option.

# find  / -name  *.php" -exec echo {} \; -exec grep techtransit {} \;

find with -exec {} and way to count the total files .

# find / -name "*.php" -exec chmod 755 {} \; -exec /bin/echo {} \; | wc -l


We can add -print option to find, instead of executing “/bin/echo{}” like below.

# find / -name "*.php" -print -exec chmod 755 {} \; | wc -l

Move or copy files print by ‘find’ command

find /path -type f -name "filename" | xargs cp -t /target_path


find /path -name "filename"  -exec cp -rfp {} /destination_path  \;

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