When Linux operating system or server work with Apache , MariaDB ( MySql) , PHP then this combination is called as “LAMP”  and this combination used for host a websites and apps . In the LAMP Stack Linux is a Operating system , Apache is a web server and MariaDB is database and PHP  is for dynamic content processing.

In this article we will install and set up Apache, MySQL and PHP for host dynamic website.

Here we will do all setup for  CentOs  and RHEL 7.x Version .

First install or enable EPEL and RPMForge ( RepoForge ) from below link url.

Setup EPEL and RepoForge (RPMForge) YUM Repositories on CentOS/RHEL 7

Installation and configuring  Apache HTTPD :

Apache HTTPD is one of the most used web server on the web.apache is text based protocol for sending and receiving objects over a network connection.sometimes people called Apache or httpd  .

Begin by installing httpd  and httpd-manual .

# yum install httpd httpd-manual

Now you can start httpd service and enable for after reboot server , the service should be started through below command.

# systemctl enable httpd.service

# systemctl start httpd.service

Once httpd or apache is started , we can check status information through below command.if there any reason  for failed to start service , the output will be typically show clear view of why httpd failed to start.

# systemctl status –l httpd.service

HTTPD having two predefined services httpd and https , http service works on port 80/TCP and https  service  works on 443/TCP  ports, so we should open port for http and https port.

For 80/TCP port :

# firewall-cmd   --permanent  --add-services=http

For 443/TCP port :

# firewall-cmd   --permanent  --add-services=https

After that  reload firewalld configuration .

#firewall-cmd  --reload



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