EXT 2 vs EXT 3 vs EXT 4 vs BTRFS vs XFS file system

Hi Linux Geeks , I would like to give you some number to compare between EXT version and XFS file systems. In this article,i will discuss on the properties of these file systems :

The Second Extended File System ( EXT 2) :

EXT2 was designed by Remy Card as a replacement for the ext. EXT2 in Linux  is treated as standby file system. It  has been override by EXT versions like ext3 and ext4 etc. but it is still popular on flash based media like SD cards, USB flash drives  and solid-state devices. It does not have a journaling function, Lackness of a journal it has a great performance  and less the number of read and writes operations to the part ion,If you need high stability with less read writes, we can used it.EXT 2 was not journal-ed,so it is not recommended any longer.

The third extended filesystem (EXT3) :

After EXT 2 version , EXT 3 is a journaled file system and using by kernel in Linux.It was developed by Stephen Tweedie. So.So many Linux distribution using EXT 3 as a default Linux file system. Performance of EXT 3 is less than latest such as EXT 4,JFS,XFS,ReiserFS.Advantages of EXT 3 that it allows upgrades from second extended version (EXT 2) without taking backup and restore data and it is using less resources like CPU power than newer XFS .
A Journal : It is specific area where all changes will tracked. If any situation which causes crashed the system ,the possibility of file system corruption will less because of this features.
Here are some below features of ext 3 .
Online Re-size the file system .
POSIX extended access control

The fourth extended file system (EXT 4)

EXT 4 stands for fourth extended file system and It was developed as the successor to EXT 3. EXT 4 includes so many major development .it was available from Linux Kernel 2.6.19 . This have larger file system support,faster checking, non second time stamps.So many Linux distribution offer ext 4 in installation.It is stable for both client server.


Btrfs is called as B-tree file system , is a GPL -licensed .The BTRFS file system was created by Oracle and was added to linux kernel 2.6.29 in 2009 .The file system was added to Linux Kernel 2.6.29 in 2009. Maximum file length is 255 characters and max size of file limit is 16 EB.

The Btrfs file system provides the following features.

(1) Supports large files and file systems
(2) Integrated volume management
(3) Built-in RAID functionality
(4) Keeps data secure using copy-on-write(Cow)and checksumming techniques
(5) Provides writable snapshots

XFS File System

The XFS file system is an extension of the extent file system .XFS is a high performance 64 bit journaling file system .Support of XFS
was merged into the linux kernel in around 2002 and In 2009 Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.4 usage of XFS file system .
Now RHEL 7.0 uses XFS as the default file system .

XFS supports maximum file system size of 8 exbibytes for 64 bit file system .Some comparison of XFS file system is XFS file system cannot be shrunk and poor performance with
deletions of large numbers of files.

32-bit system 64-bit system
File size: 16 Terabytes 16 Exabytes
File system: 16 Terabytes 18 Exabytes


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