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Install Best eCommerce Magento 2 software on Linux

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There is lots of merchants website uses  trustable eCommerce software  Magento . It is an Open source software application which is owned by eBay. It works  on open source  LAMP stack . Magneto used high resources on server , for basic server , php needs minimum 512MB of RAM to run php application. This guide will help you to  set up magneto software for web platform on Linux based flavor systems.

2 Prerequisites

Web servers :  Apache 2.2 >=  ( mod_rewrite ) module

Nginx   1.8 >= 

DataBase : MySQL 5.6 / Oracle / Percona

PHP : Supports PHP 5.6.5 or Greater than this version

PHP 7.0.2 ( Magento version 2.0.1 and later version supported )

PHP Extension : bc-math ,ImageMagick 6.3.7>=curl,gd,intl,mbstring,mcrypt,,PDO/MySQL,SimpleXML,soap,xml,xsl,zip,mhash,openssl[/box]


Download Magento Community Edition

Magneto is available on two  type of  edition  one is community and other type is Enterprise  . Here in this tutorial guide, we are going to setup Magento 2.0.2 , this version 2.0.2 is relased after fixed  issues that some users  having problem in upgrading from 2.0.0 ==> to version 2.0.1 ..

Download Magento2  from this official magent website [button link=”https://www.magentocommerce.com/download” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”] Link text[/button]  

The Magento download is available in two form one is with sample data , which is having some size  and one community addition is without sample data. You can choose according to your need. You can see in below images also.

magento website hosting magento hosting magento ecommerce https magento ecommerce magento


Configure Magento Code 


I have download  and unpacked the compressed archived file in opt directory through below command.

# mkdir /opt/magentocode  #  cd  /opt/magentocode  # tar xjf Magento-CE-2.0.2-2016-01-28-02-26-45.tar.bz2

After unpacked the bzip2 compress in magentocode directory , files will be extracted in the same path, Now you can remove compress archieved file from this location.

# cd  /opt    (Go into opt directory and rename and move magentocode directory to the web server document root. In Below command i have rename the directory magentocode into ecommerce and move it to default apache server document root and in apache server configuration path, set it of document root.  # mv magentocode  ecommerce  # mv  ecommerce /var/www/html

Now set the web server user permission, give correct permission.

 # chmod –R 755 /var/www/ecommerce


Create Database and User 


# mysql -u root -p    Enter password:    MariaDB[(none)]>CREATE DATABASE magentodb;    MariaDB[(none)]>GRANT ALL ON magentodb.* to 'magentouser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '[ENTER_PASSWORD]';    MariaDB[(none)]> FLUSH PRIVILEGES;    MariaDB[(none)]> quit


Run the url


Now run the Magento  Website hosting url  in browser then web installer will be do some steps and install magento newer version . you can run your web installer through below url.




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