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Open firewall port in CentOs 7 , RHEL 7

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Here in this small post , i will discuss about taht how to port open in latest RHEL 7 or CentOs 7  or Fedora version firewall . some  users want to open ports or some of user wants to open port for services like http, ftp , ssh etc..

I am going to explain below for open port  or add services in firewalld.

Find Active Zone  in firewalld :

You need to first search , which zone is active in firewalld or which is you are using .To find get active zone , execute below command.

 #firewall-cmd --get-active-zones

In centos 7 , rhel 7 or latest firewalld , you will get zone name .zone name can be dmz,public or others. if you get dmz zone from name and you want to open port like 3444, then execute below command for open port in dmz zone.

#firewall-cmd --zone=dmz   --permanent --add-port=3444/tcp   

and then  we need to reload service of firewall  for changing effect.

#firewall-cmd --reload

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