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upgrade ownCloud run your own cloud storage private cloud drive owncloud web hosting ownCloud 9 ownCloud Install ownCloud create private cloud

ownCloud Description ownCloud is opensource private cloud storage software package that

pip awscli aws tool aws ec2 cli AWS CLI

Here in this post we will going to again installation


The Amazon command line interface tool is  called as in short  EC2 CLI tools that is composed in Java and included shell scripts for

Earlier we have discussed installation of docker on different linux version.Here we are going to add non root user to docker group .docker process

Terminology : This time Docker  is very hot technology and most of the companies and businesses are adopting  and moving application to this application containers

Apache web server installed by default with Virtualmin module in Webmin, but Install and Configure Nginx on Virtualmin : Here I have followed this on CentOs

Setup Webmin through RPM / YUM Webmin is a  administrator tool that makes it less difficult for administrators to deal with their Linux boxes. It

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