Linux is renowned for being an open-source software program. This characteristic allows users to access all the programs, make modifications, and freely share them with others. This open-source nature is a key factor that contributes to the greatness of Linux. CentOS, another Linux-based distribution, surges in popularity, while Red Hat bolsters the future-proof CentOS Stream operating system . CentOS Stream provides long-term support, integration, and standardization across RHEL, making it a reliable choice for production-ready distribution.

The CentOS Stream

In the past, CentOS Linux operated as an open-source system, devoid of official support, and relied heavily on community input. It essentially mirrored RHEL OS at no cost. Mainly, developers’ input into CentOS often went without integration into Fedora and RHEL, causing unnecessary redundancy.

In response to the changing needs of Linux users, the emergence of CentOS Stream became necessary.

Stream Project of CentOS is the upstream for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Provides RHEL improvement, accessible for related architecture as RHEL. Replace on CentOS Stream are immediately implemented on Version of RHEL.

CentOS 9 is derived from Fedora 34 and it is the original code for the RHEL 9.0 Beta, and we can say it is the base of the stable RHEL 9 release.

CentOS 9 has several changes from old versions of CentOS. Below are some software’s where changes happen or added support.

  • Linux kernel 5.14
  • GNOME 40
  • Nginx 1.20
  • OpenSSL 3.0
  • PHP 8.0
  • Python 3.9
  • GCC 11.2
  • Curl 7.76.1
  • MariaDB 10.5

Download CentOS Stream ISO RPM Packages and Container

ISO File is available for different architectures x86_64, ARM64 (aarch64) , IBM Power (ppc64le) , and IBM Z (s390x) free from the CentOS official website. You can follow below to download CentOS Stream 9 or 8 Version and CentOS 7 ISO, container, or RPM from the below CentOS Official Website.

CentOS Linux 7 is also available for download until its End of Life, which is scheduled for June 30th, 2024.

If you’re interested and want to experience CentOS Stream Linux distribution on your VirtualBox or system, below are the direct links to ISO files for installation, along with direct links for downloading containers and RPM packages.

Download CentOS Stream

CentOS Stream 8 will be available to use by May 31st, 2024.CentOS Stream 9 will be available till RHEL 9 has full support.

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