A open source web hosting panel is a free source software application that allow you to manage web hosting from graphical web-based interface for tasks such as host domain and website , manage files , setting email accounts , and DNS configuration.
There are many different free and paid web hosting control panels available and complex to find which should be use.

About Web Hosting Control Panel (WHC)

The hosting control panel is an online utility that’s utilized to manage servers and hosted services. This type of panel is an efficient way to carefully monitor all hosting services.The hosting control panel provides the ability to keep an eye on services such as managing domain names, installing applications, and effectively managing email accounts within the network.

WHCs typically include features such as:

  • Domain management: To manage your domain names
  • Applications management: To Install and manage web applications, such as WordPress
  • File management: To edit,delete, upload and download files on your web server.
  • Database management: To create and manage databases
  • Email management: To create and manage email accounts and use as SMTP services.
  • Security: To configure server security settings for your web server .
  • Backups: Allow backups of your website and data .

List of Free Web Hosting Control Panels

1) Hestia Control Panel

Demo URL :  https://demo.hestiacp.com:8083/login/

HestiaCP is very similar to Vesta Control Panel and it is a  fork of VestaCP . HetiaCP is a free and open-source panel . This is fast and reliable control panel and easy to use and provide user friendly interface.

2) aaPanel

Demo URL : http://demo.aapanel.com/fdgi87jbn/

aaPanel is also open source PHP based hosting panel . It install in minutes and very easy to manage through one click.This utility improves the efficiency of managing server and it also support Nginx web server and LEMP and LAMP Server.

3) CyberPanel

CyberPanel is a simple, fast and open-source control panel based with Lite Speed server technology , where run the websites super fast .The WordPress framework sites easily deploy and manage. It has an active community of users and programmers who are always working to improve their software services.The panel comes with two variant , one is CyberPanel and another is CyberPanel Ent . The CyberPanel is completely free and you can host unlimited number of domains with OpenLiteSpeed and Ent Version comes with LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise and it is free for 1 domain only. 

4) Control Web Panel (CWP)

Control Web Panel is a modern and intuitive web interface control panel for Linux based servers and now it is AI powered Free open source web hosting panel for quick and easy to manage . Interface is much similar to cPanel control panel. Mostly used as cPanel alternative. 

Steps to Install CWP Panel >>

5) Webmin

Webmin is also a open-source and free software utility, and it is available for Unix-like operating systems, and including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and Fedora. Webmin also provide virtualmin module to manage virtual hosts through Graphical single user interface like cpanel ,plesk or cwp panel. It also support LEMP or LAMP based host and It also support all other features like other control panel supports.

6) Ajenti

Ajenti control panel for Linux and BSD servers and it is a free and open-source . Ajenti source is written in Python and uses the Gevent event loop for high performance. It is also highly modular, with a plug-in architecture that allows users to extend its functionality.

7) ISPConfig

ISPConfig is another free and open source hosting control panel that also allow to manage multiple servers from its own interface . It is available for Linux different flavors and it can be installed on single server and cluster of servers.

8) Froxlor

Froxlor is a lightweight, free open source server control panel, It developed by experienced server administrators. it is fast reliable . It is having functionality of traffic monitoring , API based , Let’s Encrypt , theme able interface .

9) ZPanel

ZPanel control panel is free for Microsoft Windows and Linux, UNIX and MacOSX servers. It is developed with php technology . ZPanel panel member is from all over the world who designed modules and themes for panel . 

10) Sentora

Sentora provides both community-based, which is free, and subscription-based premium support services. Sentora offers 24/7 support via email and chat. It is best for small to medium ISPs ,  who are looking for a cost-effective, extendable platform. Sentora has functionality which automatically creates backups of websites . It can be restored in case of a data loss event. It offers a range of features like other web hosting control panels, including File Management, database, Email, Webmail, SSH, security, and support services.

When selecting a free and open source web hosting control panel, it is crucial to take into account your specific needs and demands. A few aspects to take under consideration are the amount of websites you need to hosts , the features you require, and your level of technical expertise. 

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