In this article our goal and objective will be installation of CWP Control Web Panel or CentOs Web Panel . CentOS web panel is a open source software , which helps in manage web hosting . This panel Supports on CentOS , Red Hat and Cloud Linux Operating System.

Like the cpanel / whm CWP Panel is also having admin and client panel and It is free of cost. CentOS Web Panel also provide demo for client, who want to test or demo before installation . You can get demo details from here . DEMO CLICK HERE

Let’s discuss about installation.After complete of system requirement and Preparing the server , the installation will be done in three three steps . CantOS Web panel official sites provide us installation script web url that will automate the installation of CWP Panel that script will take approx more than 30 min. Below is system requirement and server preparation steps.

Prerequisites System Requirements and Server Preparation

  • First you will needed the root access of the server and the logging in as root.
  • You should have fresh installed Operating System from scratch and below is operating systems list , you can pick one of them and the server should have static IP Addresses. CWP suggest for best performance his hosting servers .
Operating System :
 CentOS 8 Stream 
 Rocky Linux
 Oracle Linux

Here is the link of NOC Partner list , who can provide serer with CWP Installation and also server support . CLICK HERE .

3) Set the server host name like below. The hostname does not match with any domain , which you are planning in configure in the server domain list. For example : if you want to configure domain in your server then you can use hostname like as fully qualified hostname.

To set the Host name command , please follow below steps.

CentOS RedHat CloudLinux 6.x

# hostname

CentOS RedHat CloudLinux 7.x

# hostnamectl set-hostname
  • Memory Requirement for 32 bit OS needed minimum 512 MB RAM and 64 bit OS needed minimum 1024 MB RAM . Recommended Memory is 4 GB for fully functional system.
  • Minimum disk space needed 10 GB .
  • Prerequisites steps for control panel installation :

Below commands is for basic needed requirement and serer update steps.

# yum -y install wget
# yum -y update
# reboot

Steps for CentOS Web Panel (CWP) Installation

Below is three steps for panel installation , we will download the centos web panel authorized script and execute for installation that will automate installation of panel.

For CentOS RedHat 6.x

# cd /usr/local/src
# wget
# sh cwp-latest

For CentOS RedHat 7.x

# cd /usr/local/src
# wget
# sh cwp-el7-latest
Normal URL : http://SERVER_IP:2030
SSL URL : https://SERVER_IP:2031
Username: root
Password: your root password

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