Install Latest Node.js from source on CentOs/RHEL 7 Linux

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Node.js is an open-source and server side script plateform which uses java script on a web server . It  is faster than other languages like python, perl or Ruby and is able to handle lots of concurrent connection with minimum resource on a single is based on cross plateform for develop network applications  as well as server side applications.

Here in this article , we will explain installation of latest stable node.js  on CentOS 7 thorugh source packages, You can use on the most of linux based flavor servers like rhel, ubuntu etc ..

Server Support

Install node.js from Source

Through source code installation of node.js , you need to download node.js source package from its official site Click here.

Download the Latest node.js  :

Here we have use wget command for download in server node.js source package.Here we are downloading node.js v5.5.0.


extract the downloaded source package file through below command.

tar -zxvf node-v5.5.0.tar.gz

after extract , go into the extracted directory.

cd node-v5.5.0

Now Run the below installer to configure node on /usr/local directory and make compile .

./configure --prefix=/usr/local


make install

I am showing last some lines of output , when I have run the make install command , it should be like same on your server .


installing /usr/local/include/node/openssl/archs/BSD-x86_64/opensslconf.h
installing /usr/local/include/node/openssl/archs/VC-WIN32/opensslconf.h
installing /usr/local/include/node/openssl/archs/aix-gcc/opensslconf.h
installing /usr/local/include/node/openssl/opensslconf.h
installing /usr/local/include/node/zconf.h
installing /usr/local/include/node/zlib.h

Check Node.js Version

Here below command you can check  node.js version of successfully install node.js.

node  --version

Output comes like below, means you have successfully install node on server.


Here our other article of node.js installation on cPanel/WHM , you can find here. Click below on link.

Node.js Installation on cPanel/WHM

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