Here I am going to install node.js on cPanel/WHM 11.50.0 ( build 29) . We are assuming that you are running latest WHM/CPanel server on CentOs 6 .

Here are some softwares should be installed on the server like  bzip2-devel and python . Verify through below command to check both software’s version and availability.

# rpm –qa bzip2-devel

If  the output is null then you should installed first on the server , you can check through below command , it is available or not in your yum repository .

# yum list bzip2-devel

Output :

Output should look like below, means bzip2-devel is available on your yum repository otherwise you need to configure yum repository.

Available Packages

bzip2-devel.i686     1.0.5-7.el6_0                        base

Installed bzip2-devel package through below command , if it is available on yum repository.

# yum install  bzip2-devel

Check Python verson availability  :

Another package is python 2.6.6 or later should install on server, If you are running latest version of cPanel , the python will be already on latest verson. If you have old version upgrade cPanel before next steps.

# python –V


Python 2.6.6

Now we are going to install node.js on /usr/local

Go the directory first.

#  cd /usr/local/src

Download node version v5.5.0.

#  wget wget

uncompressed the download archive file through below command.

#  tar -zxvf node-v5.5.0.tar.gz

After uncompress , go to the extract directory.

# cd node-v5.5.0

Check the path where you are , through below command.

# pwd

Output :


Run below command to configure node on /usr/local directory and compile and install.

./configure --prefix=/usr/local


make install

Now Node will be installed on server. To check the node version run below command.

# node –v

Ouput :


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Thank you 🙂

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