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Nginx  is a  open source powerful web server which can handle millions of visitors. Nginx setup in reverse  will boost up cPanel/WHM Server. cPanel does not officially support nginx yet but we can set up  nginx on cPanel using NginxCP installation script , which provide


I  have simply installed cPanel 11.50 on Amazon  VPS  CentOS 7  Server recently and after that i found my website not propagating online  because of apache was not working and check below error on server through below command on Centos 7 . [email protected] [~]# systemctl status


ConfigServer  (CSF) is advanced firewall and free available for Linux  and debian based distributions. In latest versoin of CentOs  7 , RHEL 7 , CloudLinux 7  servers  require that use the firewalld daemon but we can use iptables command for firewall and In WHM CSF


Recently on September,2015  cPanel and WHM 11.50 has been released, After such a long time  in this version of cPanel & WHM having  support for  CentOS 7 / RHEL 7  Version  on fresh installations. WHM / cPanel webhosting is the best software to manage website hosting server , email , domain and security management, which can be install  in virtual private server (VPS )  as well as on cloud hosting server  and dedicated server . This control panel is  using  most of users, client and companies and it is premier web hosting automated software used by world wide.

cPanel License you can get from here .  ==> cPanel License

Here in this article we will discuss about latest cPanel & WHM Version 68 feature and prerequisites and installation on fresh CentOS 7  / RHEL 7  Version.

Latest Features of cPanel  & WHM webhosting Version 68


Below are some new features of latest version.

Support for Virtuozzo 7

Large Amount of Outbound Email Detected notification

New Separate file restoration from a backup

EasyApache 4 now supports mod_http2

Set SSL/TLS via the command line

phpMyAdmin performance setting etc

You can read more about new features from cPanel documentation .  Click Here

Installation Recommended settings

Here I am going to install node.js on cPanel/WHM 11.50.0 ( build 29) . We are assuming that you are running latest WHM/CPanel server on CentOs 6 . Here are some softwares should be installed on the server like  bzip2-devel and python . Verify through below